Artistic Process

The Artistic Process of NYC BAsed artist Renee Phillips. 


"any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance into a substance of great value."

Strongly influenced by the Gutai movement of the East and Abstract Expressionism from the West, Phillips aims to physically explore the relationship between paint, material and action using time-based chemical reactions to reveal moments of transition in physical form.  

My process relies heavily on learned alchemical experiments, intuition and physicality” Phillips states. “An intensive layering and re-working of the canvas results in highly tactile surfaces: papers are applied, paint is poured on, sanded off, manipulated with the elements of heat, wind and water, glazed, enameled and reapplied until a certain energetic frequency is achieved. Over the past years I’ve sourced varied materials from my environment such as billboard advertisements from the streets New York City, organic minerals from the American Southwest, palm tree husks from the Florida tropics, manipulating each material with the physicality of movement and expression. This expressive mark making process acts as a conduit for connecting me to the natural world.”