Renee Michelle Phillips


Investigating the natural world at both macro and micro levels, I aim to freeze moments in time and evolutionary progress. The observation of life cycles throughout natural and urban environments allows me to translate the constantly changing rhythms of growth, decay, rebirth, and regeneration onto each substrate.

My process relies heavily on learned alchemical techniques, intuition and physicality. An intensive layering and re-working of the canvas results in highly tactile and seductive surfaces: paint is poured on; sanded off; manipulated with the elements of heat, wind and water; glazed; enameled and reapplied until a certain energetic frequency is achieved.

Exploring the relationship between matter and physical action acts as a conduit for connecting me to the natural world.

Renee received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Miami, Fl, continuing her art education at the University of Paris, France, and the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Renee's work can be found in national private and public collections, and her work presented in shows from the Architectural Digest Design Show, NYC to the Art & Cultural Center of South Florida. She is currently represented by the Muriel Guepin Gallery, NYC.  Renee works in Chelsea, NYC.