Printsource :: Summer '12

As I jump into this new world of art licensing, I will be sharing on this blog some of the important people, places, lessons, etc that I find along the way, in hopes that this information will aid any aspiring artists considering a similar path. With that said, I attended my first art/design tradeshow yesterday - Printsource NYC!  Printsource is the "premier market for surface and textile design" with three shows annually in NYC.  The show had more of a high end, international, boutique feel to it, and was definitely geared towards apparel textiles.  The show featured designs for the Fall/Winter '12/'13 line.  According to Mudpie we will be seeing three key trends emerging this Fall...Wanderlust: embodies the modern day adventurer in ethereal colors for high winter, Reflective: Eastern European masculinity meets young capitalist culture and Expression: focusing on positive trends in youth culture mixed with artistic aesthetic. 

There were a range of designers and patterns shown from the 30 or so 10x10 booths, but the designer that stood out to me was Ana Romero .  Ana started her design brand in 2008, and will be featuring her new line of scarves, pocket squares, pillows and iPhone cases at the ICFF in NY - she is a brand to be followed. 

Ana Romero Scaves

Ana Romero Pillows

The next Printsource event will be held January 14th, 15th and 16th, so mark your calendars!