Experiments in Art :: Cheese Cloth

I've recently became obsessed with using the cheap, yet texture forward, material of cheese cloth; available anywhere from Home Depot to your local grocery store or dollar store. There are so many ways to use this awesome $3 material.  Here are a few I have experimented with recently.  


By placing the cheese cloth down on your canvas/wood and painting over it you can achieve an almost Xray like quality.  Above, I tried experimenting with beet juice, however it dried dull and lifeless.  Below you will see this method used with an acrylic wash (60% water/40% liquid acrylic)....viola!

You can also dye the cheese cloth, and then place on your art for a more bold 3D texture.  I placed my cheese cloth in a cup filled with the water/acrylic wash combination and left it in the sun to dry.  Once dry, I applied it to my canvas with gesso and manipulated the cloth to form a movement that I was happy with.  It was the final touch for my latest piece Miss-Ing.  

I'll keep you informed as experiments with cheese cloth continue in Chelsea. Have fun cheese clothing!

For more inspiration, check out Berlin based artist, Eno Henze, installation works on BOOOOOOOM!