Artist Residency: SVA Summer Residency

I had the privilege of being accepted into the School of Visual Arts Summer Residency for Mixed Media & Painting this year. And what an incredible experience it was! 30 artists from around the world descended to the SVA studios in the Meatpacking District to join the amazing roster of artists, faculty members and art critics that would become our mentors and teachers for the next 6 weeks.  I'm talking serious artists here - Steve DeFrank, Steve Miller, Tobi Kahn, Gregory Coates, Danica Phelps, Ira Richer, Andrea Champlin, and lectures like Jerry Saltz, art critic for NY Mag, and Heather Darcy Bhadari, curator of Mixed Greens Gallery in Chelsea.  Every critique helped take my work to the next level and opened my mind to new ideas that were brewing below the surface. Much of the art I created in the residency became study work - new techniques, new color studies, new concepts emerged, and I see now that those studies are only just the beginning of an art process that I hope to unveil in the coming months. 

I can't say enough great things about SVA's Residency program. I highly recommend applying if you are an emerging or mid-career artist that benefits from structure and professional critiques. The SVA program is an annual summer residency, so don't be late to apply. For other artists residencies, you can check out:,,,


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